Gough Plastics  specialises in providing Hybrid toilet systems, a stand alone and user friendly toilet facility.

These Hybrid toilet systems from Gough Plastics have five stages including, waste delivery, preliminary treatment, separation chambers, secondary tanks and disposal. Wastes are first delivered through micro flush or non flush toilet pedestals.

The wastes then enters the primary tank and are then broken down by combination of metabolic and dissolution actions. The separation chambers of these Hybrid toilet systems allow liquid to pass to the secondary treatment tanks. The treated effluent is then discharged from the secondary tank treatment to a holding tank or ground.

These Hybrid toilet systems from Gough Plastics are available with two types of pedestal options including micro flush and non flush.

Concrete hold down, plastic hold down or duckbill anchors must be installed for hold down or for anchoring the tanks. The ventilations for the toilet systems from Gough Plastics are available in three forms such as, wind ventilators, powered rotary ventilators and column vents.

Column vents are commonly used in low wind areas and does not require any power.

The effluents are discharged through flow to ground options, evaporation transpiration trenches, holding tanks, evaporation transpiration green drains and pump transfer. Holding tanks are useful for holding the discharged effluents until the time it is pumped out and discharged offsite.

These holding tanks are suitable in areas which are unsuitable for discharging effluents on to the ground.