Gargoyles & Dragons  was established in 1978 and specialises in offering range of building and roofing accessories. These roofing and building accessories from Gargoyles & Dragons are made from stoneware and terracotta. The works from Gargoyles & Dragons are offered with help of trained and qualified architectural sculptors. Gargoyles & Dragons uses quality raw materials to manufacture the roofing and building accessories.

Wide range of building and roofing materials are offered by Gargoyles & Dragons to choose. Gargoyles & Dragons are specialised in making architectural pieces that suits the requirements of the clients. Gargoyles & Dragons provides chimney pots, decorative ridges, hip terminals, decorative saddles, roofing sculptures, fireplace mantles, sub floor vents, decorative bricks, turret tops and decorative roof finals. Gargoyles & Dragons manufacture a wide range of mailbox bricks. These bricks come in a number of colours and designs even bricks with paper holes are also available.

The decorative arts from Gargoyles & Dragons covers wide range of products that are available in different patterns and styles. Apart from traditional terracotta, Gargoyles & Dragons uses manganese, stoneware and glazes for finishing the sculptures. These finishing materials are available in wide range of colours and measurements.