Gargoyles & Dragons  specialises in offering finials, roof sculptures, vents, ridges, chimney pots and hip terminals. Gargoyles & Dragons was established in 1978 and specialises in offering range of building and roofing accessories made from stoneware and terracotta. Wide range of building and roofing materials are offered by Gargoyles & Dragons to choose.

Finials from Gargoyles & Dragons are available in apex and gable forms. The finials vary in their measurements and come with standard pitches 27, 33 and 45 degrees. F1 range of finials comes with height 340 millimetres and base length of 210 millimetres. F2 apex finials are 400 millimetres in height. Roof sculptures from Gargoyles & Dragons are available measurements. D100 roof sculptures resembles oxford dragon. It is available in three different sizes. Small sizes come with 560 millimetres height and 290 millimetres base length.

Gargoyles & Dragons offers hip terminals that are available in various sizes and measurements. Hip terminals are available in five different models namely AH, BH, CH, EH and FH respectively. Gargoyles & Dragons design and create an array of unique decorative accessories for buildings and roofing in classic, contemporary, traditional and modern styles.