Gargoyles & Dragons  is a reputed manufacturer of quality roofing and building accessories for the Australian market. The roofing and building accessories manufactured and supplied by Gargoyles & Dragons is made in terracotta and stone.

Gargoyles & Dragons uses only quality raw materials to manufacture the building accessories and roofing materials. This ensures that the products are of high quality and provide long and trouble free service.

Gargoyles & Dragons supplies a range of roofing sculptures, decorative roof finials, decorative sub floor vents, ridges, decorative saddles, hip terminals, fireplace mantles, turret tops, decorative bricks and chimney pots.

Apart from the traditional terracotta Gargoyles & Dragons supplies the decorative roof sculptures and products in a wide range of glazes and a variety of colours. Gargoyles & Dragons design and create an array of unique decorative accessories for buildings and roofing in classic, contemporary, traditional and modern styles.

Gargoyles & Dragons manufacture a widely range of mail box bricks. These bricks come in a number of colours and designs even bricks with paper holes are also available. The mail box bricks are normally made according to customer specified sizes. Other bricks available from Gargoyles & Dragons are date bricks, full hood bricks and other stoneware.