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    Elevated Horticultural Maintenance

    Fytogreen provide a specialist ‘elevated’ horticultural maintenance department to maintain vegetation, monitor irrigation and fertigation ensuring perfect nutrient balancing and water quality.

    The maintenance of our unique installations require specialist  plant-based knowledge and experience.  This is specific Fytogreen technology and is incomparable to general garden or indoor plant maintenance.

    Maintaining Fytogreen gardens requires close consultation between the botanist and maintenance technicians.  This ensures the diversity is preserved, whilst continuing to improve sustainability and plant specific integration, allowing for improved design and reduced maintenance input.

    The Fytogreen maintenance division is a group of passionate technicians, who regularly communicate to advance the divisions’ internal skill base. The team utilize techniques and materials to maintain Fytogreen’s extensive range of projects.

    Fytogreen’s designers ensure consideration is given to key components of site related variables; such as light, wind and temperature to determine their plant species selections.  Non-terrestrial (non typical garden species) are frequently chosen to offer highly adapted traits to maximize success on the vertical plane.  Eg. The use of epiphytes and lithophytes species.

    Our unique gardens should ONLY be maintained by a specialist, trained in elevated horticulture care. They remotely monitor irrigation, conduct standard on-site water quality checks, nutrient balancing, salt accumulation and pH management.

    Our specialized garden systems are not merely plants bolted to walls, they are water and air purifiers, In many cases, providing valuable urban ecological, thermal and acoustic insulation benefits.  They are highly specific ecosystems.  They address a significantly diverse range of functionalities in support of architecture, built within our populated stressed urban climates.


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