Fytogreen has installed an amazing vertical garden at the Triptych Living apartment tower in Melbourne, Victoria.

The vertical garden was cleverly installed to screen a 5-storey car park, and features cladding on the back of the wall so that the growing modules are protected from drying out in this challenging environment.

The Triptych building faces south, meaning there is minimal light for the garden, which also has strong winds to contend with.

The vertical garden is much loved by the residents at Triptych, so Fytogreen's maintenance regime will be of the highest standard to help maintain the Triptych Living sense of place.

Fytogreen’s vertical garden system features a series of modular panels that contain a light weight soil-less growing media in which a wide variety of plant species are able to grow and flourish.

The vegetated panels are supported by a fully integrated hydroponic watering system which can be attached to any structural vertical surface, including curved surfaces.

Before installing, the plants are pre-grown and trained for vertical growing, providing an instantly established visual display.

Melbourne's iconic arts precinct helped to influence the design of the Triptych apartment tower, which was conceived as an artwork in itself.