A recent report has highlighted the evident Green roof fad that has swept many major cities and countries including Australia, Germany, US, Canada and Japan.

These rooftop Utopias help transform spaces into a flourishing roof garden that enhances the overall aesthetics of a commercial building. Green roofs also improve a building’s environmental performance, thermal insulation and climate responsiveness.

The report also states that installing green roofs is "one of the best ways to combat the urban heat island effect (UHIE), a phenomenon that causes significantly higher temperatures in cities compared to rural areas." 

Environmental, social and financial advantages of green roof gardens
  • insulating properties, resulting in the reduction of heating and cooling loads
  • reduction in internal noise levels
  • helps to create a desirable Green space
  • create stylish outdoor living or entertainment areas, particularly for those business or staff meetings
  • increase the properties value and rental appeal
  • ideal for commercial buildings and apartment complexes
Fytogreen has been helping Australian and international property developers, architects, landscape architects and urban designers seeking to create beautiful, environmentally sustainable gardens. 

Fytogreen's triple bottom-line benefits
Fytogreen's passion for sustainable green roofs and creating civic ecosystems has made them a leading choice for many commercial and residential projects.

Financial benefits:
  • Improved property value
  • Helps gain building green-star ratings
  • Reduced building energy costs
  • Improved marketability of building
  • Enhanced solar energy performance
Environmental benefits:
  • Create cooler cities by acting as heat sinks
  • Delays and reduces storm water run-off
  • Provides filtered rainwater
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Sustainable habitats for birds and insects
Social benefits:
  • Acoustic insulation for occupants
  • Creates areas for public space, providing value for residents, workers and visitors
  • Improves vistas for neighbourhoods
  • Enhanced human living by greening urban areas
  • Brings nature back into urban life
  • Aesthetic beauty in the built environment
With a track record of installing over 112,000sq metres of rooftop gardens, Fytogreen know exactly how to create healthy, ecologically responsible buildings.