Australia’s proven leader for creating gardens within the built environment, Fytogreen offers its expertise in designing and developing green facades on buildings. Fytogreen combines its experience in successful vertical gardens with leading-edge roof garden technology to create striking and unique green facades.

Quite different from vertical gardens, green facades use climbing vines and creepers, planted in a lightweight and automated planter system with climbing trellis. Fytogreen’s services encompass everything from design development, project management and supply to planting, and ongoing maintenance. These sustainable gardens are designed to minimise ongoing maintenance.

A green facade delivers multiple benefits including reducing building air conditioning energy costs; lowering reflective light and heat to diminish the heat island effect; enabling facade greening in limited access building faces; and decreasing weight loading compared to a vertical garden.

There are several benefits to working with Fytogreen on green facade projects. Fytogreen’s team brings a full range of skills and track record with plant species; design experience in all aspects of facade greening, including soil scientists, horticulturists and hands-on facade installers and maintenance teams; expertise in creating green facades with reduced water use and irrigation requirements; and a tailored, automated and controlled alarm system reducing the risk of garden failure.

Image: Crown Casino Teak Room