Framecad  will be exhibiting their mobile steel framing fabrication system at the Brisbane Steel Frame Building Expo being held in Brisbane later this month.

FrameCAD Building Solutions is organising the Expo in conjunction with the National Association of Steel Frame Housing (NASH).

The Steel Framing Expo has received an unexpected boost in interest courtesy of the State Government. Decisions resulting from the Queensland Government’s recently concluded Growth Management Summit have stimulated housing industry interest in the Expo.

These decisions include: 

  • Announcement of three new cities/ model communities in the south and western growth corridors of SEQ. To be master planned by the Urban Land Development Authority these three major greenfield areas include Ripley Valley, Greater Flagstone and Yarrabilba.
  • ‘Regional First Home Owner’ boost of $4,000, part of a $11,000 grant was brought forward to satisfy demand, attract people to areas other than the south-east and entice first home buyers to stay in the regional communities.

Organisers of the Brisbane Steel Frame Building Expo have noted a jump in interest in parallel with decisions flowing from the Growth Management Summit.

The Brisbane Steel Frame Building Expo will be held from 27 July to 29 July 2010.

Factory in a Can

A highlight at the Expo is a completely self-contained mobile steel frame fabrication factory by FRAMECAD. Called the ‘Factory in a Can’, this roll forming machine can be rapidly deployed to cater for housing demand in regional and remote areas.

Housed in a modified 12m shipping container, this mobile steel framing factory can be trucked into any location and made operational within 24 hours.

Incorporating a diesel generator and computer-operated steel frame fabricating machine, the mobile steel frame factory can manufacture precision engineered roll-form framing and trusses at a rate of up to 700 metres per hour.

The performance and efficiency of the mobile factory makes it ideal for quick start construction of structures of all kinds from residential homes to multi-level commercial buildings.

Key advantages of the steel framing system include:

  • Termite-proof frames
  • Cyclone-resistant, non-warping, non-twisting and strong frames
  • Rapid deployment
  • Faster construction
  • Cost-effective with 30% savings over traditional methods
  • Lightweight to erect Galvanised finish
  • Safer to construct Environmental benefits of steel

Framecad’s Australasia Manager, Mr Peter Blythe says, “The mobility of the Factory in a Can is ideal for Queensland: Australia’s most decentralised state.

“Growth in housing outside SEQ will be concentrated in regional communities separated by considerable distances across Queensland. With a pick-up in construction we expect seriously unfilled demand in Queensland for pre-engineered structures that can be produced, assembled and erected on site in regional areas.

“When you combine the speed with which the Factory in a Can is deployed on site and the speed at which it operates you have real competitive advantages in filling housing demand in regional areas.

“Our framing is ‘Meccano-like’ in its simplicity of assembly. This is because production is computer controlled and every piece of framing produced is numbered and coded so it can be easily assembled on site.”