A joint venture of FrameCAD Solutions and NZ Transportable Units has been awarded a major tender issued by the New Zealand Department of Building and Housing. The tender covers the building of 300 temporary accommodation units for those affected by the Christchurch earthquake in February 2011.

FrameCAD’s joint venture with NZ Transportable Units Limited was selected from 226 tender submissions to be one of the three successful proposals.

Mark Taylor, FrameCAD CEO said, “We are both proud and pleased we can assist directly and tangibly in Christchurch’s recovery. It’s a terrible situation clearly requiring immediate attention to what remains still very desperate need.

“The criteria for tender selection read like a FRAMECAD brochure, notably ‘a recognised capability to deliver portable dwellings effectively and quickly, for a competitive price.’

“Importantly though for the people of Christchurch and the NZ Government, FRAMECAD allow the quickest possible construction of dwellings.

“Our technology creates light-weight steel frames on-site: for immediate use. They are made rapidly and precisely to spec meaning this temporary housing is completed and available for occupancy as quickly as possible for Christchurch residents in need.”

In Christchurch, FrameCAD and the joint venture will deliver:

  • A construction system that is fast and flexible
  • Units that can be readily placed on existing house sites allowing home owners to live ‘on-site’ in comfort while their homes are being re-constructed
  • Accommodation that is well built, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable: ready to ‘plug and play’ quickly after they arrive on site
  • Housing that is durable, safe and an environmentally responsible choice
  • A cost effective housing solution: important for the Government and tax payers
Mark Taylor added that, through the joint venture, FrameCAD was avidly looking to ‘put back’ as much into the ‘distressed’ local community and economy as the company possibly can, and while completing this tender, FrameCAD will also focus on bringing about other local benefits where possible. For example; via the use of local suppliers and employees wherever practical; training or up-skilling local trades people to work with the joint venture in manufacturing, assembling and erecting the new temporary housing units; and seeking to set up operations in Christchurch in association with local businesses.

As part of the joint venture, FrameCAD will supply:

  • Estimating, detailing and engineering services
  • A 12.2 m (40 foot) FIAC (Mobile Factory) F300i stand-alone roll-forming machine which delivers high quality, high volume output of light-weight steel frames and trusses ready for assembly on site
  • A machine operator to be located in Christchurch