FrameCAD Solutions presents the FrameCAD Architect design software that offers flexible, fast and accurate building design solutions for 3D modelling and visualisation.

The FrameCAD Architect building design software solution allows designers to easily create 3D designs, architectural concepts, professional animated 3D presentations and accurate working drawings that can be used for steel frame detailing and manufacture.

FrameCAD Architect reduces design time by allowing simultaneous 2D and 3D design capabilities and provides quick and accurate costing of design jobs through its automated bill of materials and quoting features. the architectural software also offers a range of over a thousand pre-defined objects to suit particular design applications.

The architectural software also allows designers to provide interactive walk-throughs to help their clients visualise their concept. Changes can also be easily made along the way with doors and window schedules instantly generated with a click of a button.

FrameCAD Architect building design software is available from FrameCAD Solutions. For more information, visit their website.