FrameCAD Solutions  announces the launch of a new steel frame manufacturing solution designed for better speed and efficiency.

The latest addition to FrameCAD’s lightweight rapid construction systems, the new F325iT (Internet Technology) has been designed to offer increased production speed, greater flexibility and machine readability during steel frame manufacturing.

A key objective during the development of the F325iT was to maximise machine output and productivity. Additionally, the design team sought to set new standards in machine efficiency and reliability. The machine has been proven to be 25% faster than the F300i model and up to 150% faster than comparable systems.

Key features of the F325iT steel frame machines:

  • New auto-gauging function allows gauge range to be automatically adjusted, reducing downtime and increasing production speed
  • Patent-pending Quick Access dimple tool and die allows for greater ease of operation and maintenance
  • Advanced hydraulics system increases machine speed and productivity
  • Variable displacement piston pump eliminates need for an accumulator for simpler, more reliable operating system
  • New punching tools including flange cuts, bolt holes and flange screw holes help produce back-to-back trusses with higher strength-to-weight ratio
  • Optional hot climate kit equips the machine to offer more reliability in extreme temperatures
  • Wireless internet capability offers increased connectivity for better support and diagnostics especially in remote operations