FrameCAD Solutions  sponsored the International Sustainable Cities Forum in March 2009. The Forum is an initiative that brings together government and corporate leaders from New Zealand and China to explore the challenges and opportunities of building sustainable cities.

Wang Shi recognised as ‘the God Father of the Chinese real estate industry’ and Founder and Chairman of Vanke Group was one of 50 Chinese visitors at FrameCAD Solutions’ Research and Development facility in Auckland.

Mark Taylor, CEO, FrameCAD Solutions, presented FrameCAD’s innovative building technology and demonstrated how it is integral to sustainable building development. Wang Shi was impressed with the technology being used. FrameCAD Solutions were the only organisation to have secured this level of presence at the event.

It was an opportunity to forge close bonds with key influencers within the Chinese building industry and regional government, and to take FrameCAD’s world leading technology to the Chinese market. FrameCAD view China as continuing to be a key growth market and intend to be there for the journey.