A-BUS  is an award winning, patented technology for distributing audio throughout the home.

In an industry where new technologies appear almost daily, A-BUS has withstood the test of time, because it is simple rather than complex.

The distinctive simplicity, flexibility and good sound quality of A-BUS has earned it broad acceptance.

A-BUS uses a single Category 5 (Cat-5) cable to carry audio signal, system power, data and status signal from an audio source in one location to amplifiers and speakers in another room.

In this manner high quality audio is delivered without signal loss to multiple rooms, each with their own independent volume control.

The A-BUS system overcomes the problems of signal degradation and noise that come from the kind of long runs of speaker wire that have been associated with prior audio distribution systems.

Category 5 cable is an inexpensive cable with a low profile and a damage-resistant outer sheath that makes it easier to install and more cost-effective than the heavier speaker and data cable required for traditional systems.

This use of Cat-5 provides several advantages:

  • Installers are already familiar with the cable and have the tools and experience to handle it quickly and efficiently
  • The construction and home security industries familiarity with the Cat-5 cable, combined with the simplicity of A-BUS, makes it possible for installers from associated professions such as security, data and electrical to design and install multi-room audio systems without special training
  • The cable's low cost makes it cost-effective to pre-wire the whole house for multi-room audio. The new homeowner may then install a basic single-source A-BUS system or a sophisticated A-BUS system with multi-source capability with equal ease and success

The simplicity and quality of Cat-5 based A-BUS has created an industry standard appealing to companies from many areas.

These companies appreciate the confidence of offering their customers A-BUS enabled products, which comply to the A-BUS standard so they are compatible with all other A-BUS products. It provides greater value to the consumer and greater comfort to the installer.

A-BUS has created a marketplace in the consumer electronics industry by providing a great-sounding, simple and affordable Multi-Room audio solution that solves the problems of the past.

As a result, A-BUS has opened new doors for the growth and expansion of the pleasures of multi-room audio to a larger audience than ever before.