A-BUS  provides multi-room audio solutions. A-BUS offers audio distribution through out the house using Cat-5 wire. A-BUS is known to provide clear music by providing line level signal to each room. The transportation of status signal, system power, audio signal and data from the source to the speakers and amplifiers is done by category 5 cable. This system is known to provide audio without any loss of signal.

Degradation of signal can be overcome by A-BUS system. A category 5 cable is enclosed by an outer sheath that is known to be resistant to any damage. Professional AV contractors or trained professionals are required for the installation of the A-BUS system.

The installation of A-BUS structured is done using structured wire systems. Custom installers are usually required for the installation of A-BUS custom. An application of A-BUS technology is A-BUS/direct. In A-BUS/direct, the power module is directly affixed at the back of in-wall speaker. The speaker consists of a built-in infrared eye which enables relay of control commands. A-BUS eliminates the need for wall-mounted control.

A-BUS systems do not require any extensive programming. A-BUS is known to be a plug and play system.