A-BUS  system comprises of three components accessories, power modules and HUBS. Power modules offer control and amplification. The three models available include ABO-45, ABO-42 and ABO-20.

ABO-42 has a push-button control. AB0-42 can be obtained with mini-emote. The infrared feature of ABO-42 provides remote control adjustment. ABO-20 does not have infrared facility and has a basic rotatory control. ABO-20 can be used in areas where IR control is not required. It is known to be ideal for bathrooms, hallways, laundry rooms, etc. ABO-45 is known to have a keypad control which is known to match with Hub. AB0-45 known to provide backlit volume and source input indication.

Hubs is known to be a key component for the connectivity of A-BUS. The different models of HUBS are available, which includes ABX-84 and ABK-4/110. ABX-84 comprises of four dual zones with two outputs for each and four A-BUS inputs. ABX-84 provides adjustment of inputs. The other components of ABX-84 include routed emitter ports, 12 volt trigger, talkback LED and common infrared output. The kits usually consist of one APS-40 power supply and four ABO-45 keypads. ABK-4/110 is known to be the basic Hub used.

ABO-70 permits input from a local source. ABO-70 is known to be ideal for MP3 players and television in the bedroom. ABK-50 connects to the hub directly