FOG-OFF  bathroom mirrors and mirror pads are used all over Australia in homes as well as the hotel industry. Customers either have a choice to replace their old mirrors with new FOG-OFF mirrors or use FOG-OFF mirror pads.

The FOG-OFF mirror pads are either placed behind the existing mirrors or are put behind the cabinets. They are activated as soon as the the lights of the bathroom are turned on. They prevent any kind of mist or fog on your mirrors that impair your reflection.

FOG-OFF bathroom mirror pads are 1mm thick plastic thermostatic sheets that stick on the back of the mirrors. As the electric switch is put on, it starts heating up the mirror preventing the condensation of steam. They are also provided with a warranty of 10 years.

FOG-OFF mirrors and mirror pads can be used in homes, hotels, aerobic centers, beauty parlors, health centers and many more places. As it is powered by electricity, there is no question of loud noises or disturbances.These mirrors or mirror pads from FOG-OFF can be ordered on the website and will be delivered immediately.