A recent refurbishment of Melbourne's prestigious 600 room Hotel included fitting Fog-Off heated mirror pads to all bathroom mirrors.

Hotel management made their decision in order to provide their guests with a clean, clear dry bathroom mirror at all times. Guests can now shave and apply make up in steamy conditions.

Fog-off heated mirror pads are manufactured in Australia and are very inexpensive. They will out live the life of the bathroom mirror.

The heated mirror pad is very simply self adhered to the back of the bathroom mirror, then connected by a cable to the bathroom light circuit.

Once the light is switched on, the fog-off heated mirror pad is activated. It gently warms the bathroom mirror, which in two minutes produces a generous sized clear, clean area for normal use. There is no need to physically clean the mirror with a towel or hair dryers. Fog-Off mirror pads use less than $ 3.00 of power per year.

Sofitel’s Engineering department predicts that, now the mirror pads are manufactured in Australia, it will not be very long before the general public will include fog-off fog-free mirror pads on their ‘must have’ list when building or refurbishing bathrooms.