Get rid of those problems of steamy mirrors after an early morning shower with FOG-OFF . Innovative products from FOG-OFF are the new bathroom mirrors and the mirror pads and are in use in Australian homes and hotel industry. Reputable hotels such as the Hilton and the Sheraton Perth make use of FOG-OFF applications.

The cheapest method of ensuring steam-free mirrors in the homes is by installing the FOG-OFF mirror pads. These are of 1mm in thickness, are available in 3 sizes of 500mmx300mm, 500mmx600mm and 500mmx800mm; and self adhesive. They stick onto the back of the mirror or cabinet and generate an electric power of 240v thus, preventing the condensation of steam.

The advantages of using FOG-OFF mirror pads are many. Firstly, the absence of steam on the mirror greatly increases its life. Scratching and wiping the mirror to do away with the steam will cease with the use of FOG-OFF mirror pads. In the hotel industry in Australia, fogging up of mirrors is the third most frequent complaint. This would be reduced too with the use of FOG-OFF mirror pads.