Superior Pest Management have been operating in the Hunter Region over twenty years.

General Manager, Phil Sweeney said that the HomeGuard Precision Termite Management System, available from FMC Australasia , is simple to install and highly effective.

“As soon as Homeguard was released I was committed to the product and had all my technicians accredited as installers. I saw a need for the product and immediately landed a contract to install HomeGuard DPC to 42 new villas,” Phil Sweeney said.

Phil Sweeney said that there are a number of useful components to the system allows him the flexibility to customise the system to suit a particular situation.

Phil Sweeney said that Superior Pest Management are using HomeGuard Blue as a perimeter treatment and now HomeGuard GT gives them even more flexibility.

The HomeGuard Collars are so quick and easy to install and Superior Pest Management’s staff are in and out cutting delays for the builder clients.

“The builders that have seen the product installed agree with me and have made the switch permanently. Many of our building clients insist on HomeGuard because they see the benefits of the system to their operations and staff.”

Phil Sweeney said he had invested heavily in promoting HomeGuard in the Newcastle area and the FMC Area Sales Manager (NSW), Trent Giddings was always available to follow up on his questions.

“I cannot speak more highly of the product or the back-up I receive from FMC. It’s a great product developed and serviced from a true, reputable R&D focused company, that is committed to providing quality and proven products to pest management professionals like me, for over a decade,” he said.