Termites are one of Australia’s major pests which play a large role in damaging buildings, leaving owners with high amounts of repair costs. 

In order to solve this problem, FMC Australasia  have developed a range of termite management systems including its HomeGuard TMB physical termite barrier. 

The HomeGuard TMB physical termite barrier, the company’s most basic termite barrier is a single sheet which can be applied to houses during the building or renovating phase to protect against termite infestation.

Key features and benefits of the HomeGuard TMB physical termite barrier includes:

  • complies with the Australian standard AS2870 for termite protection
  • APVMA registered
  • able to repel and attack termites with both physical and chemical repelling action
  • also acts as a 0.2mm high impact moisture barrier
  • environmentally friendly product 
  • completely non invasive and odour free
  • barrier won’t corrode, crack or delaminate 
  • is fully sealed within building foundations
  • easy to install product 
  • friendly installation with no damaging chemicals or sharp physical edges 
  • 10 year warranty included 
  • Australian made product