FMC Australasia  have noticed some myths emerging about their Emulsifiable Concentrates, which they would like to correct with some truths about the Bifenthrin based insecticides.

The first of these myths is that all Emulsifiable Concentrates are extremely tough on seals and washers in Spray Systems. 

In actual fact, degradation of seals is dependent on the solvents and hydrocarbons used in the formulation. FMC Australasia uses high quality, non-aggressive solvents in all of their Biflex formulations. In the development of Biflex Ultra Lo-Odour, FMC Australasia conducted trials that proved its advanced formulation does not cause damage to delicate seals in spray and pump equipment.

The second myth is that the FMC Corporation is not the original manufacturer of Bifenthrin and Bifenthrin products.

This is not the case. FMC Corporation invented Bifenthrin and patented the molecule in 1982. Biflex is the original Bifenthrin formulation and to this day the FMC Corporation continue to make improvements to their original formulation.

The third myth in the sequence is that research and development companies stop spending money once they have released a product.

In the case of the FMC Corporation this is untrue. Since the release of Biflex in 1995, the FMC Corporation have introduced 5 new formulations, to satisfy customer driven needs. In 1989 FMC Australasia started field trials with Biflex against termites throughout Australia. 20 years later those field trials are continuing to provide important data which helps FMC Australasia deliver quality products that are backed by local data.

And the final myth is that Suspension Concentrate formulations and Emulsifiable Concentrates behave the same way after they are mixed with water.
This statement can be countered with a simple scientific explanation. The particle size of the active ingredient in Suspension Concentrates is far greater than that within Emulsifiable Concentrates. After mixing with water, a Suspension Concentrate will tend to 'fall out' of suspension due to the gravitational pull on the relatively large particles. The accumulation of active ingredient that has fallen out of suspension can cause blockages in filters, tanks, hoses and pumps. Therefore it is important that an emulsion of Suspension Concentrate is kept well agitated throughout its use and not stored for prolonged periods after initial mixing with water.