Chris Durwood, Operations Manager of Complete Pest Control Adelaide, had been faced with regular customer complaints regarding ineffective black ant bait treatments until he began using Brigade Granules from FMC Australasia .
Customers of Complete Pest Control Adelaide were regularly disappointed with the results from their black ant bait treatments, even after Chris explained that ant baits require time to work. Personally, Chris was also finding it difficult to measure the success of bait treatments and felt frustrated with poor results.
When Chris started using Brigade Granules for black ant baiting he immediately noticed a decline in customer complaints and an increase in business. Chris firmly believes that Brigade Granules' effective combination of rapid knockdown and its ability to provide a long lasting residual barrier against future black ant invasions is a winner.

Now, customers are getting the quick results they expect from black ant bait treatments.

“Customer complaints aren't good for business and in the past I felt I was making excuses for a poor treatment,” explains Chris.

“At times, customers can be unrealistic in their expectations of pest control products to rid a property of the ant problem. FMC Australasia's Brigade Granules attack the pest problem at the source. When spread over nesting areas around the property, the product can reduce ant numbers, reducing the number of ants seen by the customer, which builds their confidence that the treatment really works.”