Having been in operation for over 40 years, Sandgate Pest Control on Brisbane's northside, know exactly which product is best for each pest control job, and FMC Australasia are proud to supply the family owned business with Dragnet Dust for honey bee control.
Using FMC Australasia's Dragnet Dust to treat a troublesome feral honey bee population, Sandgate Pest Control's team really showed their pest control product and industry knowledge.
Whilst undertaking a routine treatment at Moreton Island (off the coast of South-East Queensland), Queensland Parks and Wildlife asked Sandgate Pest Control’s operator Kelly Croton to investigate a troublesome honey bee problem.

The Park Ranger had noticed unusually excessive numbers of bees in a camping area and with holiday season coming they were worried campers might fall victim to bee attacks.
Further investigation revealed that there was a large hive of feral honey bee’s making their home within the wall cavity of the toilet block. It appeared that the space was filled with thousands of bee’s nesting in honeycomb.
Treating feral honey bees is not an easy or enviable task, but in this case there were very few viable alternatives, due to the location of the nest being in close proximity to the public. After exhausting all alternative methods, the Park Ranger asked that the feral population of honey bees be eradicated.

Using an electric blower, Kelly blew FMC Dragnet Dust down into the wall cavity. “I watched in amazement, as literally hundreds of bees instantly dropped out from the bottom of the wall cavity. The honey bee control treatment worked so quickly that I wasn’t even stung once – something I was quite happy about!,” laughs Kelly.