The latest addition to the HomeGuard range is HomeGuard Blue specifically designed as a cost effective perimeter cavity termite barrier system. HomeGuard Blue comes with the same quality and certification that is synonymous with all HomeGuard products.

Used in combination with HomeGuard Collars, HomeGuard Blue is also backed by the standard FMC warranty* when installed in accordance with the registered label and the product manual by an accredited HomeGuard installer.  

"Ever since it was launched, HomeGuard has earned a credible reputation as one of the most advanced pro-active termite barrier systems in the market. Awarded the first ever APVMA registration for a non-soil matrix barrier, CodeMark Certification, Ecospecifier approval and HIA GreenSmart partner status, Australian made HomeGuard is state of the art. Builders, designers and the general construction industry have endorsed the product and sales of the current HomeGuard family, comprising of DPC, TMB and Collars, continues to grow as builders and home owners see the benefits and switch over," says Ian Hendry, Specialty Business Manager for FMC Australasia Pty Ltd.  

HomeGuard Blue and the complete range of termite barrier system is available from FMC Australasia

*HomeGuard Warranty is limited and special terms and conditions must be met for it to apply.