FA Mitchell and Co are long time suppliers of wood panel products to the building and joinery industries as well as for commercial projects. They opened for business in 1933 during the Great Depression. The company was started by Frank Alan Mitchell who was joined by his son, Len Bruce Mitchell, three years later. The company began as a timber broker importing Oregon timber into Australia but quickly expanded into hardboards from Sweden and Eternit fibre cement panels from Belgium.

These products were supplying the growing housing and building industries and it became necessary in 1950 for the company to move from its premises at Circular Quay to Camperdown. They were now also supplying a large range of interior plywoods, both local and imported, coloured spandrel panels from Eternit and acoustic mineral fibre ceiling panels from the United States.

The 1980's saw the company move into its fourth and current premises in Lidcombe. Len Mitchell's sons Mark and Steve were now helping to run the business that also now included wood panel products, structural plywoods and natural roofing slates from Spain and Brazil.  It was during this time that they began their fire retarding treatment and perforation of plywood and cut to size services.

Today FA Mitchell and Co can meet most design requirements with their huge range of plywoods, MDF panels, structural wood panel products, acoustic designed panels and slate roof tiles.