The use of natural stone in building goes back thousands of years, with one of the most popular and versatile type of natural stone, slate, having been used throughout the world for the past few hundred years.

Slate has become exceptionally popular in modern architecture, being used for everything from floors and walls through to kitchen benches and roofs, and it is its use a roof tile where slate has come into its own.

And with good reason

No other roofing material provides the unique style, class and appearance of slate roof tiles. The polish and refined look of slate roofing adds a prestige which is second to none. Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours, there is a slate tile solution for almost any project.

Aesthetic qualities aside, slate has remained popular for centuries due to its high quality and propensity for weathering the elements. Slate is entirely waterproof, and high thermal-properties make it one of the most energy efficient choices on the market.

And while the initial investment in slate is generally higher than many alternatives, its durability, longevity and virtually maintenance free qualities makes it fantastic value over the life of the product (quality slate roofing should last up to 150 years! This is compared with 20-30 years of many other roofing systems).

Choosing the best slate for your project

As with many building materials the natural stone market in Australia has been flooded in recent years by cheap bulk imports from China and India, so it is important that if you are investing in slate roofing to be sure you work with a trusted supplier.

Family owned and operated, FA Mitchell & Co is a supplier of slate roofing solutions to the Australian building and architecture market. Importing a range of the highest quality slate from quarries in Spain and Brazil, FA Mitchell products are tested to the highest standards to ensure an attractive, long lasting roof that will add value to any project.

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