The acoustic performance of a room is critical to the health and wellbeing of those inside, and no truer is this than in schools and learning facilities throughout the country.

To provide students with the best possible opportunities for learning, good acoustic design is essential. Learning is an auditory process, and poor acoustics can compromise this process.

For learning facilities, Australian Standards (AS-2107) dictate the maximum design sound levels required. These sound levels range from as high as 55dB for gymnasiums to as low as 35dB for drama studios and early learning centres.

Good room acoustics help to control:

  • External noise intruding into the learning area
  • Internal noise generated within the learning area
  • Reverberation generated within the learning area

There are a number of options available for achieving the best acoustic performance, with acoustic panels providing affordable and aesthetically pleasing high performance sound absorption.

Sonapanel Decorative Acoustic Plywood

Sonapanel from FA Mitchell & Co is an Australian grown and processed plywood that provides excellent acoustic properties.

Sonapanel is suitable for internal walls and ceilings, with square or diamond slot patterns as standards as well as freedom for architects and designers to specify their own unique style to suit any interior.

In addition to the acoustic characteristics, Sonapanel provides fire retardance and termite resistance in compliance with Australian standards.

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