Available from FA Mitchell and Co , Termiply plywood is specially treated to minimise its vulnerability to termite attack.

Predominantly used as a backing for melded fabric notice boards and interior wall panels in education facilities, gyms and places of worship, Termiply plywood is treated to level H2 and acts as a barrier to termite attack.

Ideally suited to interior use, Termiply treated plywood can also be used as a bracing panel for both walls and ceilings.

FA Mitchell and Co can also provide high quality faced plywood such as Hoop Pine or Kauvula that has been treated to the Termiply specification. This can then be used for visible applications such as feature Sonapanel cladding panels.

Termiply treated plywood can also be used for applications that are not entirely exposed to the elements, such as external eaves and soffits, once a special sealing solution to prevent moisture penetration has been factory applied.