Eternit clay tiles from FA Mitchell and Co have a very dense composition due to the fact that they are fired at extremely high temperatures. This reduces the likelihood of water absorption which results in a reduction in the build up of moss and lichen compared to other standard concrete tiles.

The clay tiles are laid broken bonded and double lapped so that water is kept out of the roof. These tiles do not interlock along the top or the side which means there can be more flexibility in the design of the roof. To make up for movement caused by large fluctuations in temperatures these tiles should be laid with a slight gap of not more than 3 mm.

These clay tiles are unaffected by prolonged exposure to ultra violet light, extremes of heat and cold as well as being non-combustible. There are two different products in the range.

Machine made clay plain tiles that come in both a smooth and a sand faced finish.

Machine made clay plain tiles that come with a sand faced finish and straight edges.

Eternit clay tiles are suitable to be used for both roofing and vertical cladding. They can be used in new building projects as well as in refurbishment work. Their small size and range of fittings makes them perfect for creative roofing designs.