SprayFilm WB3 water-based intumescent paint can now boast good dry film thicknesses (DFT) for 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute fire rating of structural steel.

SprayFilm WB3 can provide a two hour fire rating on smaller steel sections such as 100 sq RHS or CHS. This will be good news for architects that have had difficulty finding a solution for two hour protection on smaller steel sections in the past.

SprayFilm WB3 has been chosen for the fire protection to structural steel in Dubai on the site of the proposed shopping mall. Around 10,000 drums of SprayFilm WB3 are being sprayed. This is a major application for Cafco SprayFilm WB3.

The contractors Intherpro LLC have done a good job, not only because of the men applying the product but the stringent quality systems they have in place to ensure that the results and the customers needs are fully met.

The SprayFilm WB3 water-based intumescent paint is available from Exfoliators.