Recently at the ‘Melbourne at Home’ show, Exfoliators (Aust) took a stand to promote and educate the public about ceiling fires caused by insulation and downlights coming into contact with each other as a result of poorly installed insulation. Other factors include leaves, debris and birds nests, which are blown around the ceiling space by winds penetrating under the roof lines of houses, causing a swirling affect inside the ceiling space and moving light weight materials freely around the roof space.

Exfoliators (Aust) were satisfied with the results achieved and the concerns shown by the public when it came to downlights and insulation. They believe that there is no need for concern while installing downlights, providing customers understand the new regulations and are prepared to ensure that those regulations are met.

Customers have two alternatives while installing downlights:

  • Ensure that there is a barrier of 200mm around each downlight and above, from insulation including rafters, beams and noggins
  • Install a fire resistant cover as a bare minimum. However, if customers want the ‘full whistles and bells protection’, they can install an approved fire rated cover that meets AS/NZS3000: 2007 and AS1530 Part 4, which is the Fire Standard for Australia.