Premium Litefill is a perlite based filler from Exfoliators designed to be used as a light weight filler in the manufacture of materials for the construction, housing, and gardening industries.

Ideal for applications where weight is of a major concern, Premium Litefill is a light, sand replacement that unlike perlite will not absorb liquids and is not affected by crushing.

The biggest difference between standard perlite and this perlite based filler is the closed structure of each particle and how it eliminates the ability to absorb liquids readily. The closed structure is achieved during the expansion process, whereby each particle is coated and dried prior to screening into various grades.

This closed structure translates into a number of benefits for the user, including:

  • lightweight - finished products can weight up to 50% lighter
  • affordable
  • fire retardant, non-toxic, and non-combustable
  • insulating - four times more resistant to heat transmission than sand
  • efficient - permits savings in heating and air conditioning
  • durable - will not rot or decay and readily endures freezing temperatures
  • white texture - enhances the colour finish.
This perlite based filler can be used to produce lightweight products, such as:
  • garden ornaments
  • decorative columns
  • building blocks
  • acoustic ceiling tiles
  • water fountains
  • architectural mouldings
  • ceiling roses
  • garden tables 
  • wall plaques
  • moulds
  • pavers
  • statues.

Premium Litefill comes in 100L bags or 1.2m² bulka bags.