Exfoliators (Aust) Pty Ltd , one of Australia’s leading Passive Fire Protection companies, manufacture a wide range of Passive products including the internationally accepted CAFCO range of spray products. These include passive sprays and intumescent water based paints for structural steel and concrete, ducts and intumescent fire rated cable coatings for electrical cables, cable trays, risers, etc. Exfoliators recently became the Australian distributor for the Tenmat Fire Rated Downlighter covers and the Tenmat Thermo-Seal hats.  

The Tenmat FF109 Fire rated covers are specifically used for commercial applications whereby a fire rated ceiling (30 minute or 1 hour) has a penetration made to install downlights.  Once you have made a penetration in the ceiling, the integrity of the Fire rated ceiling has been compromised and to reinstate the ceiling back to a 30 minute or 1 hour rating you must use a product that has at least the same rating as the fire rated plaster ceiling. The Tenmat FF109 achieves this. The cover is made from an intumescent material that, in the event of a fire, becomes a char, cuts off the oxygen and prevents the fire from spreading into the ceiling space. They are very simple to install and can be retro fitted from below the ceiling when downlights have already been installed.  

The Tenmat FF120 Thermo-Seal hats have recently been included into Exfoliators’ range of products as they saw there was a gap in the domestic market that required a solution to a life long problem. When you install downlights into a domestic ceiling you do not require the stringent requirements of a fire rated ceiling, but there are many issues affecting the domestic downlights including:

  • Loss of heat from below the ceiling
  • Insects, bugs and dust dropping down through downlights onto benches, etc.
  • Insulation coming into contact with downlights
  • Loss of acoustics through the light fitting
The Thermo-Seal hats are designed to eliminate all of these problems and, at the same time, provide a measure of fire protection. They are very simple to install, non combustible, non electrically conductive, rot, corrosion and vermin proof, lightweight. They maintain air space around the fitting, while providing a highly efficient vapour seal.  

Since November 2007, new lighting regulations have been introduced (AS/NZS 3000 :2007) which clearly outline the requirements when installing downlights/ luminaires. No longer can you have insulation close to the downlights, unless a satisfactory fire resistant enclosure is used. Many houses catch on fire due to insulation and debris coming into contact with the lights. When installed correctly, Exfoliators’ range of Fire Rated Downlight Covers will prevent fires spreading into the ceiling space and causing major damage.

The minimum distance between lamp and Flammable materials is described below.  If in doubt consult your electrician for further advice.                                                                      

Rating (w)               Minimum Distance (metres)                                    
<100                                                    0.6                                    
>100  <300                                          1.0                                    
>300                                                    1.8