Evolve Composites Pty Ltd  introduces the Plumbspec range of Overflow Relief Gullies (ORG) and Bolted Trap Surrounds (BTS) to its plumbing products.

The Plumbspec ORG and BTS products are designed specifically to help the installer comply with AS/NZS 3500 requirements.

Luke Sirl from Evolve explains that the Plumbspec ORG and BTS ranges feature unique and innovative design characteristics similar to the rest of the Evolve range of plumbing products.

In addition to enabling plumbers comply with applicable standards, the Plumbspec overflow relief gullies and bolted trap surrounds allow for easy transportation and handling, thanks to their smaller and more compact design.

Available in 100mm PVC grey or Evo-Crete Max options, each product comes complete with strong polypropylene grates featuring a dual sided dome or flat surface. The Evo-Crete Max version is uniquely fibre reinforced with a concrete blend and contains a PVC insert.

The BTS has been distinctly designed with the screws on the outside of the O-ring for a genuine seal.