Handi Blocks from Australian owned and operated business Evolve Composites Pty Ltd , have rapidly established themselves in the DIY market following their introduction late last year.

A lightweight instant foundation system, Evolve Group’s Handi Block is ideal for building raised platforms or decking structures for homes. Evolve has recently added a new information video to its home improvement showcase to simplify the lives of DIYers using Handi Blocks.

Available free from Evolve, the new information video ‘Handi Block – Instant Foundation System’ details how to use Handi Blocks with all the necessary product information provided to answer frequently asked questions. Evolve had initially released a ‘One Hour Deck’ video at the time of the product’s introduction, which showed two men building a 3x3m deck in under one hour, to prove how Handi Bocks could be used to simplify a DIY decking project.

Evolve’s DIY guru Phil Hermans comments that Handi Blocks reinvent the way one looks at raised platforms and decking structures.

The new video has been developed to answer any questions related to the use of Handi Blocks and features all the information required to build a strong and stable raised platform or decking structure in varying conditions. The ‘Instant Foundation System’ video covers building on unlevelled surfaces, modifying blocks, positioning, tie down methods and council regulations.

Tried and tested by Australia’s top renovator Cherie Barber and her Renovating for Profit team, Handi Blocks can be utilised by all DIY enthusiasts.