Evo-Crete from Evolve Composites Pty Ltd is an ultra-lightweight fibre reinforced concrete that offers clear benefits over common concrete.

Contrary to common perceptions about concrete, the Evo-Crete technology offers long-term durability and product stability, and even prevents cracks in the structure.

Three times lighter than standard concrete, Evo-Crete fibre reinforced concrete offers a lightweight alternative with superior strength-to-weight properties over standard heavy pre-cast concrete products.

Evo-Crete consists of a proprietary blend of Evo-Fibre polyolefin fibre reinforcing, which when added to a concrete mix provides improved abrasion resistance as well as increased flexural and compressive strength. As Evo-Fibre is distributed evenly throughout the concrete mix, the three-dimensional reinforcement matrix ensures maximum durability and product stability.

Pre-cast concrete products are at risk of developing two types of cracking: plastic shrinkage cracking and impact related cracking. Plastic shrinkage cracking refers to minor hairline cracks, which may occur during curing as the product shrinks from water evaporation. Superficial in nature, these cracks do not impact product performance.

Impact related cracks are easily recognised as running completely across the surface or through the entire product. Whereas plastic shrinkage cracking tends to be somewhat controlled and isolated to certain areas of the pre-cast concrete product, impact cracks in a standard pre-cast concrete slab indicate that the product is not fit for use, and may lead to instability and failure.

A major advantage of Evo-Fibre is its ability to prevent cracking in the first instance (pre-crack reinforcement) while also offering excellent post-crack reinforcement.

Evo-Fibre’s three-dimensional reinforcement matrix ensures that a crack in an Evo-Crete product is tightly bound to prevent further cracking while also keeping the product in one piece.

Additionally, due to the unique cellular structure of Evo-Crete, should a crack develop post-installation due to unstable earth or any other uncontrollable event, Evo-Crete can sustain flexural tension and bend in a controlled cracking mechanism maintaining equipment stability.

Key features and benefits of Evo-Crete fibre reinforced concrete:

  • Better equipped to prevent and manage cracking with 3-dimensional reinforcement matrix
  • In the event of a crack, the product will stay in one piece unlike traditional concrete slabs
  • Maintains a level of structural integrity that will reduce costs through reduced breakages
  • Sustains flexural tension in post-installation cracks and bends in a controlled cracking mechanism maintaining equipment stability