Eco Living Centre is a One-Stop-Shop for a range of environmentally friendly products, including LED lighting, water saving products, insulation and solar powered products.

Eco Living Centre  offers a wide range of LED lighting products for use both inside and out, for domestic or commercial use.

LED lighting products are key to saving your energy and maintenance costs. As lighting the home and business accounts for a large proportion of Eco Living Centre energy consumption, LED technology is also a way to reduce its CO2 emissions.

Here is an easy way to start. Eco Living Centre recommends LEDs to replace high power halogens:

High power halogen replacement 10W:

With a long life span of up to 100,000 hrs, the LED halogen lamp has optimum output and is a direct replacement for your existing halogen globe. Operating at 12V AC/DC, this LED product requires low voltage, emits low head and no UV at all.

High power halogen replacement 5W:

While having all the benefits of long LED life span and requiring a low voltage, this product can be controlled with an IR remote, as well as a conventional light switch. It also features pre-programmed functions including: flash, strobe, fade and smooth.

The user can also utilise a range of colours to set the mood. You can choose to synchronise it to: dim, fade in/out and colour changing on unlimited lights or simply have it fixed on your favourite colour.