Eco Living Centre  recommends LED security flood lights to save energy costs, CO2 emissions and maintenance costs.

LEDs are ideal replacements wherever security flood lights, street lights or exterior lights on buildings are needed or wherever lights are used to create dynamics on building exteriors.

There are two models in particular of 1800 lumen and 2400 lumen that only require 30W and 72W respectively.

LEDs have a long life, up to 50,000 hours, thereby reducing risks of failure and significantly reducing the power consumed and resultant CO2 emissions.

LEDs produce their light in a narrow beam, from +/-12 degrees to +/-50 degrees, determined by the multi-chip arrays and high-flux LED chips, and the reflector design.

LEDs are now available in virtually any colour of the spectrum. They produce a monochromatic intense light. The specific wavelength of the light depends on the difference in energy levels as well as the type of semiconductor material used to manufacture the LED chip.

LEDs can be programmed to produce over 1.6million colours and can be changed using a remote control. Visible colours red, yellow, green, blue, white, etc., are caused by the semiconductor compound used to make the chip and the epoxy lens colour.

For instance, to produce multi-coloured LEDs, they are moulded with a common housing and the application of a positive or negative charge turns in each colour, e.g. red/blue/green.

An alternative is to use individual coloured LEDs and a controller that switches on and off the appropriate LED colour. Note that this also means one cannot place a red filter over a white LED, as he will get pink, or green and orange LED becomes yellow. The LED colour needs to be matched with the lens colour.

One common complaint is the initial cost. It is more expensive to install LEDs over other external lights; however, even after a short period of time, users quickly get their investment returned through energy savings. LEDs eliminate any risk of fire.

The brighter future of LEDs will be enhanced by the need for designers to conform to Green Smart lighting requirements of commercial buildings.

In both cases LEDs can fit the bill and improve the environment in the street, commercial or retail sites, playgrounds or parks not to mention the rest of the world. Eco Living Centre can design, specify, supply, deliver and install LEDs for any size job.