Thermalite water based, paint additive will save energy bills by up to 40% by reducing heat loss or transfer through walls or ceilings, thereby reducing the need for air conditioning or heating. Yet if applied on the inside it will keep heat in.

Thermalite was developed from the NASA space shuttle technology. Millions of 90 micron vacuum mini-spheres prevent heat transfer.

Thermalite is suitable for roofs, North, West or East facing walls. It has an R-rating of 3.52, is only as thick as your paint, is water based and is non-toxic.

It is suitable for renovations where it is costly to insulate or in hard to get places such as vaulted ceilings. Thermalite can be used wherever paint is applied such as ceilings and walls, exterior walls and roofs, garden sheds, caravans, boats, metal cladding is suitable for domestic or commercial use and is easy to add to any paint or coatings.

To use, mix Thermalite with the paint and apply normally. Other benefits include repelling 50% of UV rays, a fire rating of 18000C and dramatic reduction in condensation, often the cause of mould and mildew build-up. 

Eco Living Centre recommends Thermalite as part of its energy saving range. This innovative product is scientifically proven and tested by laboratories and government bodies.

Conventional insulation products only work by slowing down the rate of heat loss through the wall. Thermalite works by helping prevent the heat getting to the wall in the first place; giving the same energy benefits even when used on already insulated walls.

Heating and cooling your home accounts for around 1.5 to 2 ton of CO2 emissions per person per year. Thermalite will cut down CO2 emissions, all with the stroke of a brush.

Thermalite is available now from Eco Living Centre.