Thermilate paint additive, available from Eco Living Centre , can be used for insulating Caravans.

The problem:

Caravan designers want to maximise space, but for the comfort of caravan owners, they need to be well insulated as the vehicles travel through different regions in Australia.

And with rising fuel prizes, caravan owners do not want to spend additional money on fuel either heating or cooling their caravans.

How do you reconcile these competing objectives?
A simple answer is to use R 3.52 rated Thermilate paint additive. Independent testing confirms the NASA space shuttle developed nanotechnology prevents heat passing through.

Thermilate also stops UV and helps prevent condensation build-up (less temperature differential between solid wall and ambient air).

How does it work?

The use of a patented nanotechnology forms 90micron vacuum spheres. Heat cannot move through a vacuum and Thermilate acts as a heat shield.

Simply add to the paint finish or undercoat. Application is by paint, roller or spray. Thermilate is completely non-toxic and coverage is 100g per 1L of paint.


Easy to apply with immediate benefits of a cooler caravan in summer and a warmer one in winter as the Thermilate barrier stops heat transfer. Thermilate is cost effective and can be readily purchased on trade or domestic size packs.