Eco Living Centre  offers easy to install energy saving products for lighting. Fluorescent tubes waste energy and generate heat with life cycles that vary, resulting in higher costs in energy and maintenance than is necessary.

Simple to install

Installing a Power-Saver will save 30% of yours energy bills and the units are easily installed into existing lighting circuits and no modification is required to the existing light fittings as they are fitted at or near the main distribution board.

Power-Saver is a microprocessor-controlled, energy saving unit for standard magnetic ballast fluorescent and other discharge lighting such as sodium, mercury and metal halide, which saves power consumption by up to 30%+ with an imperceptible effect on light levels.

Power-Saver has a proven performance and reliability record around the world since 1996, significantly cutting energy bills and delivering a payback in 1-2 years depending upon the unit price paid for power and the hours that the lighting is run. Documented cases show savings ranging from 20% 52%.

Environmental benefits

Power-Saver reduces the energy to operate fluorescent and other discharge lights, which reduces the impact on the environment. By reducing the voltage to the lamps Power-Saver reduces their running temperature, thus extending their life considerably.

This has a valuable impact on lamp replacement costs and on the environmental impact of lamp disposal. The burning of fossil fuels for electrical power production generates enormous greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon and other environmentally destructive elements.

Eco Living Centre’s range of energy saving lighting including LED’s Par 30 and Par 38, LED Floods, all designed to replace halogen, metal halide and sodium lights in many applications including office and industrial.