The poplar multiply veneered boards from Eco-Core is a range of FSC Certified lightweight plywood boards composed of layers of poplar veneer sheets and laminated with bamboo or crown cut birch veneers on both faces.  

The FSC Certified Eco-Core poplar multiply veneered boards are symmetrically cross-bonded veneer sheets. The veneers are 0.6mm thick, available in Bamboo Plain Pressed and Side Pressed, and White Birch Crown Cut Sliced.  

The veneered boards are also available fire rated, which increases their suitability for various applications. The lightweight factor makes the FSC certified multiply veneered boards suitable for high quality joinery, furniture, shelving, panelling and wall/ceiling cladding.  

Key features of FSC certified Eco-Core poplar multiply veneered boards: 

  • Construction: Outer and inner layers are symmetrically cross-bonded poplar veneer sheets 
  • Available in Bamboo Natural and Carameland White Birch 
  • Low formaldehyde glue, IF 20, E1 (Poplar Multiply) 
  • Density: 400kg/m³ approximately half the weight of MDF or most plywood types   
  • Environment: FSC Certified, E1 Certified 
  • Panel size: 2500mm x 1250mm and 3050mm x 1250mm x 7, 13, 19, 26 and 31mm panel thickness 
  • Fire-rated FSC certified board in 13 and 19mm thickness