Eco-Core  Solid Veneer Lumber is a contemporary looking laminated timber. Solid Veneer Lumber (SLV) is glued from upright longitudinal veneer layers of wood, approximately 3.0mm thick per layer.  

SVL from Eco-Core is available in European white birch and European pine, in standard sizes of 5750mm x 650mm x 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80mm thick. Other sizes and thicknesses can be made, however additional lead times will apply. Resorcinol and polyurethane glues are used to bond the upright longitudinal veneer layers. 

The high consistent strength and stability of SLV is mainly due to the multiple laminations, making the product ideal for long span construction. Applications of Eco-Core Solid Veneer Timber include:

  • large window/door frames
  • long span shelving
  • stair treads
  • bench tops
  • table tops
  • joinery & furniture
  • wall panelling
  • flooring 
Additionally Solid Veneer Lumber can be machined with normal woodworking machinery. Eco-Core SVL has been rated as E0 for formaldehyde emission.