Acoustic Clean services offered by acts as a cost-effective option and also helps the customers avoid repainting of the tiles, which might eventually destroy its sound absorption quality. Repainting also leads to breeding of dust at a later stage and would give an old look to the tiles, thus making it very difficult to maintain.

Acoustic Clean services offered by thus relieves the customers from the trouble of replacing the tiles which might turn out to be an expensive option for the owners and managers. Acoustic Clean from only replaces those tiles which are badly damaged or stained with water.

Acoustic Clean from also replaces water damaged acoustic panels which acts as a better option than cleaning them. It has also cleaned a suspended ceiling in the kitchen of a college cafe which is located in Fortitude Valley. The aluminum grid and ceiling tiles of this cafe had become coated with smoke and grease. The combination of degreaser, detergents, wetting agents was used by the Acoustic team and a total area of 100 square metres was cleaned by Acoustic Clean from