Duticall Contractors (cleaners.com.au ) invest money into each contract they undertake. This money, which remains at risk throughout the life of the contract, may be lost if the client feels let down in some way and, as a result, cancels the cleaning arrangements. This investment helps underpin contractor reliability.

Duticall Contractors have over $500,000 invested in clients’ satisfaction.

These contractors (with Duticall’s support) have a strong belief in their ability to provide a reliable quality service to their clients. With this confidence, they are willing to make the necessary financial commitment.

Duticall rarely advertises for cleaners. They are referred by existing Duticall Contractors. This is a strong indication that the system works for the contractor and the client.

Duticall Contractors are able to provide consistency of service because, unlike employed cleaners, each has his/her own clients and is proud of this fact. It also enables them to be familiar with all aspects of their cleaning duties, as well the security systems with which they are entrusted. Clients can sleep easy knowing that their premises are in good hands; hands that belong to someone they know and trust.

For the protection of clients and contractors, Duticall maintains a public liability master policy covering claims up to $20 million and a “coded key” security programme.

All Duticall clients are telephoned weekly, fortnightly or monthly (depending on the client’s wishes) to ensure that they are happy with the service. Any problems are dealt with promptly.

Duticall staff will organize ancillary services for clients, such as carpet cleaning, window cleaning, wall and ceiling cleaning (see Acoustic Clean), special floor maintenance and provision of janitorial supplies. All services are scheduled in a computerised database which automatically highlights when they are due. Staff need only liaise with the client to ensure that the work is carried out in a timely manner.

The manager, whom the Client initially meets, remains available throughout and ensures the client’s continued satisfaction with the service.

If, at any time, something isn’t done to a client’s complete satisfaction, it’s fixed or it’s free.