offers Acoustic Clean services which is engaged in cleaning acoustic ceilings. The cleaning of acoustic ceilings is done by applying chemical solutions in a spray mist form, after which the chemical absorbs the impurities that exist. As the chemical evaporates the dirt and impurities are drawn out, thereby the cleaning process is completed in a professional manner. The Acoustic Clean services offered by caters to both commercial and office sectors.

Acoustic Clean services offered by includes cleaning of acoustic ceiling tiles in such a manner that it makes the ceiling tiles look like new. Further, the services are carried on without disrupting the flow of work in the office. Acoustic Clean services offered by also comes as an affordable option as it avoids the cost spent on re-painting.

Acoustic Clean from can clean plaster walls and ceilings apart from cleaning factory painted ceilings, mineral fibre, metal pan, and vinyl-faced fibreglass. Acoustic Clean offered by also cleans damaged ceilings as a part of the overall service package offered by it. Besides these, Acoustic Clean services offered by also includes removal of grease, grime and smoke stains in cooking areas.