Traditionally, cotton has been the favoured cleaning material due to its absorbent quality.

However, recently microfibre has replaced cotton at the top of the cleaning Pedi stool. This has seen microfibre been used mainly as mop heads, chamois or cleaning rags.

For example Duplex Cleaning Machines always recommend microfibre heads for its Thermoglide steam mops.

The beauty of microfibre mop heads is that they have a greater absorbing quality than cotton mop heads due to its fibres of less than one denier; hence the term micro in microfibre. This means that cleaning with microfibre can increase efficiency and reduce the strain of cleaning.

Apart from being able to absorb large amounts of water microfibre can also absorb oils. This makes it good for cleaning floors, kitchens and bathrooms where oils are common. Better still with microfibre being a synthetic fibre, usually nylon or polyester, it’s not easy stained. This is because the potential stain can not penetrate the synthetic microfibre the way it can with natural cotton.

Therefore cleaning is made easy as the microfibre cloths or mop heads can be washed clean and dried after each use. Microfibre is also an ideal choice for healthcare as the fine fibers leave no lint trails like cotton and sponge mop heads can.

The Duplex Cleaning Machines Thermoglide steam mop with microfibre head is commonly found in hospitals and healthcare environments. This is because healthcare environments need high standard regular mopping.

However, the product can be used in any environment where ultimate hygiene is important. Duplex Cleaning Machines also pride their products on reducing chemical and water use compared to traditional methods.

This is exactly what microfibre does and when combined with steam there are no chemicals required at all; instead just a small amount of water to generate the steam. By using such equipment as the Duplex Cleaning Machines Thermoglide steam mop a hospital can reduce chemical usage, water usage, sewage costs, labor time and OH&S concerns.