Duplex Cleaning Machines  offers the JetSteam range of compact commercial steam cleaners designed for fast, high quality and chemical-free cleaning in large houses and commercial facilities.  

Built with compact dimensions of 35cm x 30cm x 30cm, all machines in the JetSteam range are high performance steam generators that are designed for commercial applications.  

While these steam cleaners are commercial cleaning equipment that have traditionally been sold in healthcare environments, the JetSteam range is becoming popular in large homes and domestic households.   

The JetSteam domestic steam cleaners offer a hygienic solution to domestic households for diverse cleaning requirements:

  • Floors: JetSteam is a better, faster, easier and more hygienic alternative to traditional wet mopping on hard floors, especially tile and grout.
  • Bathrooms and Kitchens: JetSteams are suitable for chemical-free cleaning and degreasing of home bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Textile Furniture: The JetSteam can be used to clean, sanitise and deodorise textile furnishings, drapes and mattresses.
  • Clothes: Used with a steam iron attachment or vertical ironing brush, the JetSteam is great for ironing and steam cleaning clothes.
  • Other application areas for a JetSteam include windows, walls, fridges, benches, barbeques, bins, cars and equipment among others.

The JetSteam uses the power of superheated 94% dry steam under pressure to emulsify surface soiling and grime. Once emulsified, the liquefied grime is then collected with an absorbent cotton or microfibre cloth, leaving a film-free, hygienic and clean surface in seconds without using any chemicals or detergents.  

JetSteam steam cleaners offer benefits such as:

  • Superior cleaning results on multiple surfaces
  • Improved cleaning efficiency
  • Easier cleaning without the physical strain
  • Large savings on chemical detergent costs

Models in the steam cleaning range include JetSteam Tosca, JetSteam Pro and JetSteam Maxi designed to meet cleaning requirements in homes or businesses.