Available from Duplex Cleaning Machines , JetVac Pro chewing gum removers provide contract cleaners, schools, nightclubs, cinemas, shopping centres and local councils with a fast effective solution to chewing gum removal.

Unlike traditional chewing gum removal systems or techniques, JetVac Pro chewing gum removers do not require large amounts of water, chemicals or physical effort. JetVac Pro chewing gum removers use environmentally friendly steam vapour to remove chewing gum from hard floors or carpets in less time, with less effort and with less mess than traditional methods.

JetVac Pro chewing gum removers are purpose built steam vacuums that feature continuous refill, water/detergent injection, an inbuilt transport trolley and a specially designed chewing gum remover tool. Producing continuous 165°C superheated 94% dry steam vapour at 6 bar pressure; JetVac Pro chewing gum removers use a combination of high temperature steam, pressure, detergent injection, agitation and vacuum to completely remove a piece of chewing gum in as little as 5 seconds.

Using the JetVac Pro chewing gum remover is easy: 

  • Place the chewy remover tool on gum 
  • Release steam direct onto gum for 2-3 seconds 
  • Inject chewy removal chemical for 1 second 
  • Agitate gum with the chewy remover tool brush; and
  • Tilt back the tool and vacuum away the gum residue
As the JetVac Pro chewy remover produces 94% dry steam, water consumption for chewing gum removal is very low. In fact, to produce one hour of continuous steam the JetVac Pro chewing gum remover requires approximately 4 litres of water. At as little as 5 seconds per piece of gum, 4 litres is enough for to remove up to 720 pieces of gum.